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We put Christian higher education back on the table.

What is Christian Higher Education?

The college experienced redeemed by Jesus Christ.


A Christian college is a community of imperfect people committed to equipping you with the skills, knowledge, and passion to serve others well both in and outside of your given profession and to love God with all your heart, soul, strength, and mind.


Your professors will hold you to the highest standards of academic rigor and as Christ followers, will know you by name, work hard to help you succeed, and likely even invite your class into their home for a meal or two.


You’ll get to study English, math, science, and the arts from a biblical worldview—revealing God’s beauty, power, and design—as well as take Bible classes and attend chapel to learn about who God is and His plans to prosper you.

Aiden Davenport

"Life at a Christian university really can be a blast."

Why You Should Consider a Christian College

Making the CASE for Christian College

Caring Community

​A healthy campus environment comprised of loving professors and peers, positive peer pressure, trustworthy mentors, and a strong sense of Christian community combine to create the balance and boundaries essential for security, growth, wholesome fun, life-long friendships, and healthy families.

Smaller Government Involvement

State schools are limited in their ability to teach biblical values such as integrity, humility, and compassion, which are the bedrock of business and a thriving society. Professors and students at government colleges are more likely to limit classroom discussion and public discourse differing from their own more progressive viewpoints.

Academic Excellence

Smaller classes taught primarily by faculty with tenured degrees who focus on equipping students for a successful career path with a meaningful purpose offer academic quality that makes a distinctive difference. Acceptance in graduate schools such as medical, dental, physical therapy, pharmacy, law school, etc. is well over 90%.

Eternal Perspective

An eternal perspective is necessary to learn and commit to the two greatest instructions from the greatest teacher, Jesus Christ, which is to love the Lord your God with all your heart and soul and strength and mind, and to love your neighbor as yourself. Unless at a Christian college, research consistently reports a decline in religious values, attitudes and behaviors during the college years…and values instilled in college persist for a lifetime.

Which Christian College is Best for Me?


Where in the US Could I Go?


How Can I Afford a Christian College?

Today, private colleges are often as affordable as in state tuition.

Public v. Private Costs


Best state colleges according to Top Universities


Church Scholarships and CHEF Leverage

We work with your local church to raise funds for your Christian college education. Our foundation, the Christian Higher Education Foundation (CHEF), strives to match every scholarship award a church gives you. Then Christian colleges match that at the following levels.

CHEF Fundraising

With the help of our partner, Easy Freezy Freezer Meals, it has never been easier to cook your way to Christian college. See how the sale of just a few of our Freedom Food meal prep kits and the help of a church sponsor can put Christian higher education back on the table.


Full Ride with Freedom Food

How many sales of the most popular package ($40) to have one year fully paid.

$40 package x 25% profit to student = $10/package sold


As you can see, just a few bites are between you and your dream college. Visit our Student Fundraising tab to sign up and learn how to maximize your sales.

Apply to a Christian College Today

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