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Sold on the idea of a Christian college but not sure which college to pick or how to make it possible?

Check out which college best suits your financial and academic needs with our dynamic graphs below. Sign up to attend your local Christian College day to learn more about each school.

Public vs. Private


Geographic Location


How can I afford a Christian College? One bite at a time.

We’ve partnered with Easy Freezy Freezer Meals to help you fund your Christian college degree through the sale of meal prep kits. Ask your friends, family, and coworkers to check out the website if they like less time cooking, more freedom to do what they love, and to support your economic and spiritual freedom made possible through a Christian college degree! All they do is put your name when they complete their order for you to receive the proceeds!


Come to your local Christian College Day!

Still can’t decide on a college? Register for your local Christian College Day today to learn how to make Christian college possible, which university is best for you, yummy food, and to nab some sweet swag from your favorite college.

  • Portland, OR

  • Dallas, TX (TBD)

  • Birmingham, AL (TBD)

  • Vienna, WV (TBD)

  • And more to come!

Let us walk alongside you.

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