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Making Christian higher education financially possible for all.

Through the Christian Higher Education Foundation’s (CHEF) resources and the help of your local church, we make it possible to “cook your way to Christian College.” Here’s how!


Spiritual and financial freedom starts at the dining room table.

Through the Harmonize One Bread Program, caring Christian families in your neighborhood work together to have you over for dinner to share life, feed you, talk about Jesus, and share the key to affording a Christian college degree.

Trusts & Endowments

Scholarship Trusts


Only the best of the best work with CHEF to garner church partners, raise funds to match church scholarships, and help churches establish their own endowed scholarships.

Michael Crouch

Searcy, AR

J. Terry Johnson

Marble Falls, TX

Andy Benton

Edmond, OK

Let us walk alongside you.

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