How to support

as a viewer

Reserve your free ticket, wear your university's school colors, be loud and proud.

Check out and share our social media handles.

Encourage your nearby churches, youth groups, and universities to purchase a broadcast.
We’ll even pay you $25 for a referral as a ‘thank you’!

as a university employee, student, or alumni

Help encourage your university’s various offices to participate!


Talk about Harmony 2020 with your student life/student activities/events/student governments to encourage them to purchase a broadcast.


Share this site with your “Sing” event directors/theater departments/choir departments to encourage them to send in their most recent winning club’s “Sing” video and provide names of talented students and alumni that could represent your school and perform in Harmony 2020.


Share with your marketing and alumni relations offices about the advertising opportunity to brag on your school in Harmony 2020.

directly support harmony 2020 by donating!

Harmony is made possible by generous donors who share our vision of bolstering Church of Christ higher education institutions.

© Harmonize 2020

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