Our Harmony 2021 Team



Executive Director 

My name is Kathryn Crawford and I am the Executive Director of the Harmony 2021 show! I am a sophomore at Abilene Christian University, double majoring in Finance and Business Management. In my free time, I enjoy playing music. I love to sing, play guitar or piano, and write the occasional song here or there. I love anything outdoors, exploring new art mediums, and cooking. Just to list a few, my favorites include the color yellow, anything citrus flavored, country music, and my homemade molasses ginger cookies.



Operations Manager 

My name is Elizabeth and I am from Edmond, Oklahoma. I graduated with a B.S. in Family Science from Oklahoma Christian University. I am the Operations Manager for the Harmony 2021 Team! In my free time I like to travel, bake, and spend time with family and friends. I am so excited to be part of this amazing team of people who are working to put on a great show this year.

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Finance Manager

Maxwell Randolph is Lubbock born & raised. During his time at Texas Tech University he assisted in the growth of, and now holds the position of CFO. Max also enjoys working in creative environments, including involvement in 7 theatrical productions in 2019, he is an active board member of the Lubbock Community Theatre, and holds the chair position for the Adult Education Committee at LCT. Max enjoys cooking with his mom, frisbee with his brother & dad, hanging out with his friends, walks with his dog Lincoln, and good conversation with strangers. Max is very appreciative for the opportunities Harmonize has given him to provide opportunities for others' involvement in higher Christian education.



Production Manager

Hi! I'm DeanAlan Wiginton and I've been with Harmony since September of 2020. I have been so happy to help build up this company for a wonderful cause. I've been able to hire and work with some amazing people and I'm excited to see the final product of what our amazing team is going to pull off!



Communications Manager

Hello! My name is Ethan Strand and I’m the Communications Manager for the Harmony 2021 team! I’m a Nursing major at Abilene Christian University, working to one day become an operating room nurse. In my free time I love writing and playing music, spending time outdoors, playing board games, nature photography!