Harmonize Board

Our Board Members


Tyler Clark

Tyler is a native Texan and 2022 Juris Doctor candidate at Pepperdine Caruso School of Law. While obtaining his bachelor's degree at Oklahoma Christian University he founded the Harmonize nonprofit with a handful of his friends with the purpose of having fun and creating an exciting showcase of Christian education to edify and excite inbound college students at the opportunity to attend a Christian college and through scholarships help them financially achieve their dream to attend. He has had his hand at plaintiff's litigation work but is looking toward a practice in wills and trusts and/or helping Christian higher education institutions with their legal matters. Tyler serves as the President of the board and CEO of Harmonize.

Jimmie Harper

Jimmie Harper is the Vice President of Harmonize. He has taught High School History and Bible at Brentwood Christian School for the last 7 years. In 2013, Jimmie graduated from Harding University. Harmonize matters because Christian community matters. Through Harmonize, Christians come to celebrate, to love, and to connect. Let's be the church together!

Stephen Crouch

Stephen resides in Austin, TX with his wife Crystal and three sons James, David, and Aaron where they attend Brentwood Oaks church of Christ. He received his degree in Accounting from York College and an MBA from the University of Texas RGV. Stephen enjoys both playing and coaching soccer. He joined the Harmonize Board in the Spring of 2021 and believes that Christian educational institutions are vital in helping youth transition into the real world. He hopes that Harmonize will give them the ability to develop long lasting relationships that have eternal benefits beyond the academic and professional ones.

Maggie Leftwich

Maggie Leftwich is a born and bred Okie. She grew up in Oklahoma City and currently lives there with her husband and two dogs. Maggie attended Oklahoma Christian University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Education. After graduation, she worked for one of Oklahoma City’s largest integrated marketing agencies before transitioning to the classroom. Maggie is now the Leadership Advisor at Putnam City North High School, what she calls her dream job. Maggie says she believes Christian higher education should be accessible and attainable to all. Harmonize furthers the kingdom of Heaven each day and she is excited to be a part of this meaningful work.

Marquita Moss

Marquita Moss, a Christian education consultant who served as the chief administrator of Brentwood
Christian School in Austin, TX, for 36 years, has served on the Harmony board since 2018. After retiring
from BCS in 2015, Mrs. Moss served BCS two years as president emeritus and then served another two years as interim president of Columbia Christian School in Portland, OR. Mrs. Moss served on the National Christian School Association board 1988-2017, the Texas Private School Association board 1980-2017, the NCSA Accreditation Commission 1985-2019, and the Texas Private School Accreditation Commission 1998-2017.Currently, in addition to her consulting services, she serves on the leadership team of the Colson Fellows Austin Cohort, a program to equip Christians to actively reach out to the culture with Christian faith and service. Mrs. Moss is a strong advocate of Christian education that equips students with a biblical worldview and prepares them for a life of kingdom service using their God-given gifts in their careers and their family and community life. She believes that Harmony and the Harmonize Event provide an important opportunity for collaboration and cohesive fellowship among Christian colleges and universities and nurtures a foundation for collaboration in kingdom work throughout the lives of their students.

Jeff Dimick

After receiving his Bachelor of Science in Math/Computer Science from Oklahoma Christian, Jeff attended Oklahoma State University, where he earned his Master of Science in Theoretical Math.  In 1985 a graduate student summer internship at Hughes Aircraft Company in Los Angeles, CA launched Jeff on a 27-year career in the aerospace industry.  He spent 12 years as an astro-dynamacist before transitioning to ground systems engineering and, ultimately, major leadership responsibilities with
Boeing. In January 2012, Jeff left his career in aerospace to become Executive Vice President at Ohio Valley University where he served until January 2018. Currently Jeff serves as Oklahoma Christian University’s Chief Recruitment Officer and president of ACE Educational Foundation, an Alternative Clean Energy company. Jeff has a passion for service and world missions.  Beginning with a trip to Germany in 1983, Jeff has been on mission trips to Ukraine 8 times, Russia, Belarus, Honduras twice, El Salvador, and Lithuania.  Jeff serves on the board of Manos de Esperanza, a Christian humanitarian organization that puts children through school in El Salvador, as well as being a founding board member of Hilltop Rescue, a relief organization that provided services for two years in Louisiana after hurricane Katrina

Addison Hardin

Addison Hardin is originally from Austin, TX where she attended Brentwood Christian School since kindergarten. Addison is currently a senior Business Administration major at Pepperdine University and will be graduating in May 2021. Addison, as the Harmony 2020 Director, hired and managed a team of fellow Pepperdine Students to put on the 2020 COVID Harmony from home show. . Following Harmony 2020, Addison joined the board of directors. Currently, Addison is completing her last few months of undergrad in Malibu, CA, and will be moving to Dallas, TX in the summer to pursue a career in sales. Addison has had many years of Christian education that has molded her and prepared her to practice her faith wherever she goes in life. When asked why she serves on the board for Harmonize, she emphasized the value of bringing students and universities together to not only have fun and commune together but ultimately to glorify God.

Isaac Borbon

Isaac Borbon graduated with his undergraduate degree from Oklahoma Christian University. He currently is getting his MA in Hebrew Bible from Abilene Christian University's Graduate School of Theology. The Harmonize mission is important to Isaac because it seeks to bridge the gap between academia and the church by furnishing creative dialogue among practitioners of faith. In addition to being a full time student, Isaac preaches at the Cross Plains Church of Christ in Abilene, TX and runs his own online fitness business where he empowers his remote clients to take control of their fitness and health.

Celeste Scarborough

Celeste Scarborough, is a graduate of Abilene Christian University with a degree in Computer Science, just after punchcard days. She served as Registrar for Austin Graduate School of Theology for 7 years, where she was steeped in tradition from the Bible Chair remnant, in wisdom and knowledge from brilliant faculty and staff, and in great lessons learned from a dedicated and diverse student body. Currently employed as a paralegal for a patent law firm in Austin, Texas, Celeste also serves on the Board of Governors for Pioneer Farms, a living history museum. Involvement in Christian education and scouting for decades has given her leadership opportunities to mentor to youth, families, and young adults. She and her husband, Mark, also an ACU grad, have been blessed with opportunities for people needing assistance to live at their home; they have gained more than they have given from the experiences. Her son is a doctoral candidate in Computational Engineering at the University of Texas, and her daughter completes her Engineering degree in 2021 at Abilene Christian University. She believes Harmony offers promise in connecting Christians, and in doing so will share the gospel in an affective, new way.