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Nana Approves Christian Colleges - Q3 2023

Dear Friends,

In lieu of reading the below report, check out my first ever Tik Tok video where we’ll travel to Malibu and Searcy, meet my grandma, as well as share with the masses how Harmonize can help your home church make Christian higher education more affordable in your community.

Our dba for the masses is the Christian Higher Education Foundation (CHEF) and our internal name and call to the church is Harmonize. So don’t be alarmed by the name discrepancy in the Tik Tok which will

be geared towards young people of all backgrounds.

Church Matches - Harmonize lobbies Christian colleges to double scholarships provided by churches to youth in their communities. Great news here!

  • Nations University is joining the ranks of 6 Christian colleges now offering a church match program for their students. Nation’s church match is now THE SECOND HIGHEST match (on a percentage basis) with a whopping 33% of their tuition cost being covered by their match. Nations offers up to $600/semester/student when your church awards.

  • THE HIGHEST church match (percentage) offered is the Alberta Bible College in Calgary, Canada near the USA’s Pacific Northwest region. Their match is 38% of their total tuition cost at $900 Canadian dollars/ semester.

  • Crowley’s Ridge, Faulkner, Lipscomb, Pepperdine, and York are contemplating starting a church match program. Harding is considering increasing their match. Abilene Christian will not increase their match.

  • Check out our website to see the church-based scholarship match programs offered by the sister institutions.

  • Want to take advantage of these great church matches? Email me at to get the convo going at your church.

Volunteer Training - Harmonize helps train volunteers to implement, fund, and maximize a scholarship fund at their home congregation to take advantage of the above church match programs!

  • Harmonize has contracted with Michael Mitchell to help build a training course for volunteers who want to set up a scholarship fund at their church. Our goal is to onboard 10 teams with this program in 2024. The course will teach church folk how to fundraise, present the fund to their eldership, and distribute scholarship awards in a meaningful way.

  • I recently had the opportunity to learn fundraising from Michael at the Christian Alliance for Orphans conference in Oklahoma. (see TikTok)

Hispanic Congregations - Harmonize is forming a Hispanic committee to partner with Hispanic congregations that wish to establish a scholarship fund.

  • Chancellor Allison Garrett of the Oklahoma State Higher Education System offered sage advice on how to serve non-Anglo communities through Christian higher education.

  • I met with Dan R. at Pepperdine to learn how to better support Hispanic congregations. (see TikTok)

  • The Hispanic Churches of Christ welcomed me with open arms and delicious hot Takis at their annual National Youth Reunion in Houston. There Giselle G. and Cruz H. joined the Harmonize Hispanic Committee. Kendra D and Alejandro E also later joined the ranks.

International Recruiting - While domestic church funds are training and raising money, Harmonize is contemplating recruiting abroad.

  • Harmonize acquired a mom and pop international recruiting company called Inter Ed that Merv F built with his family his whole life. I had the great fortune of spending two days with Merv in Los Angeles learning the ropes of international recruiting (see TikTok). We are contemplating a recruiting trip to Africa next year and gauging interest from the sister colleges.

Harding Lectureship - Harmonize was a vendor at Harding’s 100 Annual Lectureship.

  • If you aren’t going to lectureships, you need to. I liken them to church camp for adults. I walk away loving God and His people more and more each time.

  • I spoke to tons of people about church-based scholarship funds and collected 25 Christian’s contact info and home church name so that once our training course is up and rolling, we’ll be able to reach out. (see TikTok)

Gratitude - I can’t do any of this by myself. Thank you for all of your support.

Gracious Donors - A special thanks to you who give little money but from your hearts because you believe in me and the cause of Christian higher education.

Hospitality - I often stay with believers when I travel and occasionally they will treat me to meals! Thank you Betty, Kevin, Alba and Roberto, Kent, Nancy and Heath, Retta, Travis, Royce and Jennifer, Darrell, Kevin, and Jimmy.

University Employees - Thank you for giving me the time of day. Your work is so critical for the viability of the church of Christ. Thank you Ron, Dan, Tim, Paul, Courtney, Kelsey, John, John, Jacob, Tim, and David.

Lai & Turner Law Firm - Thank you for employing me and supporting Harmonize.

Board Members - A special thanks to those of you joined the team or went above and beyond this quarter — Michael M, Michael C, Mike O, Kendra, Giselle, Alejandro, Cruz,

Workers - Thank you Michael S and Carter B for furthering the cause. We couldn’t do it without you.

My God and king - You are the reason I live and breathe. Thank you for your love and giving me a heart for Christian higher education.

See you next quarter!!


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