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Who Wants a Treat? - Q1 2024

2024 was off to a great start! Feel free to skip the Q1 report read and watch this TikTok recap instead. It’s abbreviated, geared towards prospective Christian college students, and more comical (if I do say so myself). But before you go,

I beg of you… please read the “Dine and Dash - Lunch Learning Livestream” portion below.

I am in desperate need of your help on that one and will send you a small, scrumptious, treat if you can help out.

Annual Board Meeting

We started the year with our annual board meeting where we reviewed the last year and made plans for 2024. I shared with the board the good news that we gave out $5,500 in Christian college scholarships, we made 14+ presentations about CHEF or Christian colleges, and we grew our email campaign list to over 800 new contacts. We welcomed four new board members: Michael Mitchell, Jayson McKinley, Blaine Chason, and Phillip Randolph. It was also at this meeting the board approved a rebrand to CHEF - The Christian Higher Education Foundation. This name more quickly connects with folks and aligns with our mission of helping churches of Christ promote and provide scholarships for Christian higher education.

Former Presidents Join CHEF

New Hires + Talent Search

COCHE Scholarship Giveaway

One for One Million Fundraising Campaign Launch

Dine and Dash - Lunch Learning Livestream

University Highlight: NationsU


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