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CHEF Fundraising – Feed the Soul

Taste the CHEF Difference

Freedom in Every Bite

A Trusted Family Staple

A trusted family staple. You’re tired of paying big dollars for fundraiser goods you don’t need or that have questionable, foreign, ingredients hidden inside. That’s why we’ve partnered with Easy Freezy to bring you quality, US-sourced, meal prep kits to bring your family back to the dinner table and with less hassle. It’s no wonder thousands of families have made Easy Freezy a staple of their cherished family time.


Your Dollar Goes Farther with CHEF Fundraising

You support TWO worthy causes with each purchase of a Freedom Food package. Not only will your purchase help your student raise the funds their high school or baseball team needs, but also with the generosity of local churches, CHEF will grant scholarships for your student to afford a degree from a Christian college. That’s why we call it “Freedom Food.” Less time for the home chef cooking means more freedom to do what they love while also giving your student the opportunity to enjoy economic and spiritual freedom at a Christian college. Look how few meals it takes to afford a high quality, Christian, college education and learn why Christian college should be back on the table for your family.

Order today and be sure to select Harmonize as the fundraiser organization and include the student’s name you are supporting.


Why Organizations Choose CHEF Fundraising

You've likely experienced fundraisers that ultimately become a hassle with their nickel-and-diming, putting the pressure on parents, and low margins for your kids. As administrators, there's enough on your plate already—paying for uniforms, trips, and more—but what if there was a better solution? A hassle-free way to raise funds without increasing tuition or adding on fees. Welcome to CHEF fundraising where ordering only takes place online, kids always get 25% of sales, we equip kids to reach their training potential with tips and a personal profile to help tell their story and share their progress, AND our foundation donates scholarships to your kids to attend a Christian college with every sale.


Ready to experience fundraising as it should be?


Why Students Love CHEF Fundraising

With CHEF fundraising, you get the most dollars for your work.


You’ll receive 25% of every sale plus CHEF, local churches, and Christian colleges will match each sale up to 8x in college scholarships.

Making a sale is easy with Freedom Food.


Families love this product. Our partner, Easy Freezy, has sold over half a million in revenue in a year outside of the fundraising space.

Friends, family, neighbors, and mom’s coworkers can get to know you, your sales goals, college dreams, and view your sales progress by scanning your unique QR Code on each meal prep packet mailed to them.

Check out our student resources to help you maximize sales.

You can continue to earn even once your organization’s fundraiser concludes.


Even though your high school or baseball team met their sales goals and concluded the fundraiser, you can sell year round to continue earning scholarships for Christian higher education.

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